Big Canopy Camp Out

Saturday, 17 October 2020 - 7:00am to Monday, 19 October 2020 - 12:00am
ACT, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and International

Join the Big Canopy Campout by registering online, joining or holding a campout in a forest that needs protection and raise awareness and funds for forest protection in Australia.

This year the BCC is raising funds for the Bob Brown Foundation to protect Tasmania's incredible forests. Camp outs will be held across Australia and internationally.

About the Camp Out
Welcome to the worlds largest coordinated canopy camping event, where participants share their stories and experiences whilst raising funds to protect forests around the world.

Trained and experienced climbers will be sleeping high in the trees, but you don’t need to be a climber to get involved. Many participants will simply be setting up hammocks near the forest floor for a night of forest camping.

We want everyone who cares about forests to get involved and join our passionate global community of tree climbers, scientists, adventurers and forest enthusiasts in showing appreciation for these incredible environments.

How did Big Canopy Camp Out begin
Big Canopy Campout was founded in 2017 with the aim of connecting the growing global community of tree climbers, researchers, activists and forest enthusiasts in an annual outdoor event, and celebrating the importance and appreciation of forests worldwide.

The Big Canopy Campout was born out of a passion for trees, climbing, science and exploration. There are so many people doing so much for our forests - whether it be research, conservation, promoting value through media or exploration - and even more who do so much by purely spending time in them and appreciating them. The idea was to open up a platform to join all these people for the purpose of raising money and awareness for forest preservation around the world.

Though initially dreamed up by climbers based in the UK, the Big Canopy Campout is for everyone. Since 2017, we have had participants from all over the world join in with the Campout each year, and many of these participants have had no climbing experience at all – they’ve simply enjoyed their local trees by camping at ground level.

We want to celebrate all the different people who are protecting the planet’s forests in such wonderfully different ways. The Big Canopy Campout is not a competition; it’s a community. We want everyone to share the joy they get from forests with their friends around the world – and by sharing the knowledge and understanding we gain from all these different forests, we hope to contribute to developing better ways of protecting these areas beyond our generation and way into the future.

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