Moral Fairground

Wednesday, 5 May 2021 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

In celebration of World Fair Trade Day on May 8, Moral Fairground presents World Fair Trade Day #BuildBackFairer - Fair Trade Around The World, Thailand on Wednesday May 5th. This year, the World Fair Trade Organisation is promoting the #BuildBackFairer movement to encourage governments, communities and the world to rebuild their economies ethically and sustainably. “The Fair Trade movement has a solution. To rising inequality, to entrenched poverty, to gender discrimination, to environmental destruction. Recovering from the pandemic gives the world a chance not just to build back better, but build back fairer.” - The World Fair Trade Organisation on #BuildBackFairer. In support of #BuildBackFairer, we present an opportunity to take a look at the Fair Trade Movement around the world, highlighting Thailand with; Mitos Urgel - President and CEO of WEAVE Foundation, WEAVE facilitates access and opportunities to generate safe and fair income of refugee women artisans through handicrafts development (for global market) and support to preserve time-honoured artistry and culture, and Pimarn Tovanabootr - Directing Manager at SOAP-n-SCENT, a handmade soap producer. Over the years, their hometown, Chiang Mai, has developed a worldwide reputation for its handmade, artisanal products and crafts. SOAP-n-SCENT aspires to continue building upon this marvellous tradition by offering the world the best in handmade bath and body products using traditional methods enhanced by cutting edge science.

A rare opportunity to celebrate World Fair Trade Day with other like-minded and ethical organisations from around the world, and do your part to support an ever-grown and more relevant than ever movement. Remember, PROTECT - RESTART - REDESIGN - RESOURCE. Happy World Fair Trade Day! #fairtradelocal #buildbackfairer

Mitos Urgel - President and CEO of WEAVE Foundation
Pimarn Tovanabootr - Directing Manager at SOAP-n-SCENT

Event Details & How To Book

Date: Wednesday 5th May
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Location: Online via Zoom
Cost: Flexible $10 to $30
Payment Options Available: Credit Cards via Humanitix, Zip or Stripe

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